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SOS Service, Inc. paper services include paper roll restoration and roll splitting/trimming and converting. We are able to come on-site and get your facility back up to maximum production.

A large Midwestern newspaper contracted SOS Services, Inc. to assist them with a web width reduction initiative. Their paper inventory of more than 3,000 rolls of 38", 30 # newsprint on 3" cores required trimming to a 35" width. The paper was housed at 3 different locations and needed to be re-sized on site.

Working around the clock in order to meet the customer's deadline, we used our patented roll trimming machine, fitted with a newly designed cutting blade that produced smooth, precise cuts, to remove 3" of material from the end of each roll.

After lightly sanding the edge of each re-sized roll to ensure that the paper would run smoothly through the web, we performed a 100% inspection to verify that each was within precise tolerance requirements. Each cut end of the roll was also refitted keyway and metal endcap per customer spec. Finally, all scrap material was trolleyed by conveyor and collected in gondola boxes for recycling. To avoid disrupting normal operations and to keep the plant dust-free, we conducted all cutting operations inside an enclosure equipped with an airborne dust containment and high velocity vacuum system.

Our ability to rapidly, cleanly, and safely convert obsolete roll stock into a new, usable size provided a cost-effective means for the customer to make use of its existing newsprint. To learn more about this project, or how our roll re-sizing services can turn your obsolete or damaged roll stock back into a valuable asset, contact us today.

  • Product Description
    Galvanized Steel Coil Pancake Flat ! A steel distributor received a galvanized steel coil that needed to be slit in house then shipped to another customer's location. After being unloaded the coil lost it's structural integrity and collapsed. A coating issue allowed the winding tension to buckle inward, deflating the coil eye.
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes
    The flat coil was jacked lifted up and held safely in place, while the tension buckle was hydraulically pressed back into place. Steel sleeves or rings were then inserted into the coil to maintain the correct I.D. size. The sleeves then were hydraulically locked into place correcting the shape of the entire coil.
  • Equipment Used to Restore Coil
    10 ton, 25 ton, 50 ton, and 100 ton Hydraulic rams Cold rolled steel rings "Soft coil" safety support system
  • Overall Part Dimension
    0.1140" X 60.380" 43,140 lbs I.D.: 24"
  • Tightest Tolerances
    Coil I.D. repaired to 24" x 24"
  • Material Used
    Galvanized Pre-paint
  • Industry for Use
    Pre-painted coil for building construction.
The Roll Converting Machine is now available for purchase!
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