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SOS Services, Inc. recently traveled to a Midwest coil slitter to clean an 8' x 16' x 32' loop pit that was filled to a depth of 12' with scrap metal edge trimmings and other sheet metal debris. Making an already dirty job even dirtier, this scrap heap was concealing more than 1,000 gallons of oil and water trapped by a clogged drain.

An SOS Services, Inc. crew arrived at the site with our "Grabber," a hydraulic grabber/grapple that allows safe removal of most of the steel scrap without requiring manned entry while also having sufficient reach to deposit the debris right into a hopper to avoid any manual handling.

After removing the debris, we set up an air activated system for pumping the fluid from the pit directly into a customer supplied container. Next, our certified technicians opened a Confined Space Work Permit, and equipped with air monitoring systems and a confined space retrieval system, climbed down into the pit to clean up all remaining debris and free the drain located in the pit floor.

Our safe and efficient method for cleaning metal trim and other debris from deep pits minimized downtime on this slitting line. To learn more about this project, or how our pit cleaning services can help keep your plant running smoothly, contact us today.

Our other steel services include metal coil restoration and telescoped coil restoration.

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