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Intended for use with a job that was already on-press, a commercial printer received delivery of 800,000 lbs of damaged roll stock. Time was critical, and SOS Services, Inc. was able to respond within 12 hours with enough manpower and equipment to quickly restore the damaged cores and help the printer keep the presses running.

These 105" wide jumbo rolls of 45# basis weight gloss coated paper were wound on a 6" fiber core and weighed 6,500 lbs. Using our patented core straightening tools and a shock set hammer, our service crew restored each core's 6" diameter throughout the entire width of the roll.

Each restored core was gauge-checked to ensure accuracy, then quad-plugged to maintain its integrity. We measured the diameter of each repaired roll at 6 different points, verifying that each was within 1/8" of being perfectly round and suitable for use on a high speed press.

Our hard-working crew was able to efficiently and effectively repair the damaged rolls at a pace faster than they were being consumed, enabling the printer to meet its time deadline. Each roll ran through the press without problems - not a single one was rejected for quality issues.

To learn more about this project, or how our paper roll restoration services can make your damaged paper rolls 100% usable, contact us today.

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