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Coil Turning Service for the Metal Industry

SOS Services, Inc. The coils you ordered came in eye to the sky on pallets, but you can only handle coils eye horizontal, you don't have an up-ender, and the closest one to your facility is 200 miles away. No worries! SOS Service has added a new on-site service.

Our new mobile equipment can be used to change your coils from vertical to horizontal and vise-versa. This service can also safely and effectively resolve issues with damaged skid replacement, and ID or OD band replacement.

In addition to this new on-site service, SOS has hundereds of coil skids in stock and can obtain specialty skids for overseas shipment.




Coil Turning in Remote Locations
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Our safe and efficient method for re-positioning coils can help reduce the risk of damage during high cost transit, and most importantly save you time and money.Contact us today for more information!

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Coil Turning Service for the Metal Industry- Project Details

Product Description On-site moble turntable safely and effecently can solve various problems from coils being in the wrong poisition, replacing damaged ID or OD Bands, or taking care of damaged skids. We come on site to where the coils are located eliminating unneccessary transportation costs and potential downtime.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Safely Replace Damaged Skids

Re-Position from Horizontal Eye to Vertical Eye
Re-Position from Vertical Eye to Horizontal Eye
Safely Replace Damaged ID or OD Bands

Equipment Used Mobile Upender

Hydraulic Controls
Banding and Strapping Equipment 

Industry for Use Off Site Warehouse

Toll Proccessor
Port Terminals 
Manufacturing Plants 

Service Availability Contential United States
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